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[Trlog] Pennsylvania QSO Party

Subject: [Trlog] Pennsylvania QSO Party
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 08:00:45 +0000
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To: TR-Log users

Has anyone put together a .DOM file for the Pennsylvania QSO Party?  The 
contest is this 
coming weekend.  

TR version 6.74 has a .DOM file for a contest identified as PACC, but I don't 
think it is  
Pennsylvania (perhaps it is The Netherlands).  PACC.DOM has a bunch of 
abbreviations but 
doesn't seem to list any Pennsylvania counties.

I was thinking about putting together a .DOM file, for out of state users, but 
the scoring is 
rather unusual --- some CW QSOs are worth 2 points and others are worth 1.5.  I 
suspect that 
having fractions of a point makes it almost impossible to write the scoring 
routine for TR 
because half-points aren't mentioned in the TR-log handbook (under 5.5.3 QSO 

The other option is to put together a .DOM file to check off the counties and 
to try to score it 
manually after it is over.  

One can always hope that next year, the contest sponsors will make it easier to 
enter by 
simplifying scoring and perhaps writing their own downloadable .DOM file for 

Alan Kaul W6RCL LaCanada, CA 91011
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