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Re: [Trlog] amateur data information file

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Subject: Re: [Trlog] amateur data information file
From: "Richard Ferch" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 20:52:26 -0400
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ADIF files are not normally in any kind of column format. Instead, after the
header, which ends with <eoh>, every QSO data field (such as the call sign
of the other station) is preceded by an identifier that looks like
<keyword:number>. For example, call signs look like <call:4>K6LL or
<CALL:5>KL7RA or <CALL:6>ve3iay. Data fields can appear all on one line, or
one to a line, or in any other combination and in any order within each QSO
record, but in general if they are not preceded by a <keyword:number>
combination, what you have probably isn't an ADIF file.

As Dave has already mentioned, POST does not produce ADIF files. The file
example you gave looks like a file from POST /L /A, i.e. the old "ARRL
suggested format" which was supposedly dropped at the time the ARRL switched
to Cabrillo format for contest submissions. As you have already discovered,
LoTW does not support this format.

To produce an ADIF file directly from a TRLog DAT file, you have several
choices. TRADIF (, LogConv
(, and BV
( will all convert TRLog files to ADIF.
If you no longer have the LOG.DAT file, but still have the "ARRL format"
file, your best bet for converting it to ADIF is probably BV.

If what you are trying to do is submit your log to LoTW, it is supposed to
accept either ADIF or Cabrillo formats. To produce a Cabrillo file from a
TRLog file, you can use POST /C for those contests whose Cabrillo formats
are supported by POST (ARRL, CQ and NCJ contests, plus one or two others).
The test for whether or not a POST /C file is a valid Cabrillo file is to
look for a line that starts with CONTEST: in the Cabrillo file header. If
there is such a line, the Cabrillo file is probably OK, but if there isn't,
the file does not match the Cabrillo spec. For contests whose Cabrillo files
are not supported by POST (such as the RSGB contests), you can use the WT4I
Cabrillo Converter ( Cabrillo Converter will also
convert "ARRL format" files to Cabrillo, but it will not work on ADIF files.
LogConv will convert TRLog files and ADIF files to Cabrillo, but the list of
contests it will do this for is pretty much limited to those POST can do
directly anyway.

If you have trouble getting LoTW to accept your Cabrillo files, you might
try converting them to ADIF first. To convert from Cabrillo to ADIF, you can
use either BV or CBR2ADIF (

Dave mentioned the spreadsheet/ASC2ADIF combination for going from TRLog to
ADIF. You can also use a spreadsheet to go directly from TRLog (or Cabrillo
or the old ARRL format) to ADIF, but as Dave said about the
spreadsheet/ASC2ADIF combination, it will take quite a lot of work the first
time you do it. If you are still interested, see for basic instructions on how to
go about doing this.

To summarize:

POST: input TRLog; output ARRL or Cabrillo (limited set of contests only)

WT4I: input TRLog or ARRL or other ASCII; output Cabrillo

TRADIF: input TRLog; output ADIF

CBR2ADIF: input Cabrillo; output ADIF

LogConv: input TRLog, ADIF or ARRL; output TRLog, ADIF, ARRL or Cabrillo
(limited set of contests only)

BV: input TRLog, ARRL, Cabrillo, CSV or other ASCII; output ADIF

Excel: input TRLog, ARRL, Cabrillo or other ASCII; output CSV or ADIF (needs
Excel programming ability)

ASC2ADIF: input CSV; output ADIF

Hope this helps.


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