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[Trlog] FISTS Sprint Numbers...

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Subject: [Trlog] FISTS Sprint Numbers...
From: "Dale Martin" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 16:15:57 -0500
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When operating in the FISTS Sprint this afternoon and using version 6.73, I
noticed that when working a station on one band that I had worked on another
that the QSO information would pop up in the exchange field.



If the FISTS club member's number was 5 digits in length, only the last four
were displayed in the exchange field (they appear as 5-digit numbers in the
5-line log window above)...also, I checked the log after the contest and all
5-digit numbers are intact in the log.  It seems it's just how the 5-digit
numbers are displayed in the exchange field.

Also, I noticed that if I type in the RST behind the QSO information
appearing in the exchange field, TRLog won't log it.  I have to enter the
RST at the beginning (I didn't try entering it anywhere else...


Exchange field shows info from previous QSO with station:

NJ Bill 0250

If it enter RST after the 0250, TRLog won't log it. If I insert the RST
before the NJ, it takes it.

Here's an interesting tidbit:  Since my Radio 2 Omni VI was at Ten-Tec for
service, I planned to use my FT1000MP in its place.  I got home about 30
minutes before the contest began and put the cables in place and connected
up the radio.  Then, I noticed TRLog was not tracking the radio.  Oh yeah! I
forgot to put in the serial (CAT) cable.  I found a nice, not-KG5U-rigged
cable and plugged it into the radio.  I dropped the other end of the cable
behind the desk and crawled under the desk to connect it to the PC.  Dang if
the serial port isn't looking for a female connector.  It turns out a
double-ended female DB9 cable is required for the radio to work with the
computer.  And all I had were Male-to-Male gender benders!!  Oh well...

dale, kg5u

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