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[Trlog] LOG WITH SINGLE ENTER command question

To: "TR Log" <>
Subject: [Trlog] LOG WITH SINGLE ENTER command question
From: "Bob Tellefsen" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 22:16:00 -0700
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I'm having trouble with this command, trying to get what I think is supposed
happen.  My understanding is that with it set to FALSE, it should take one
to send the exchange, but a second would be needed to move the exchange up
the log window.  I'm running practice for SS.

So far, in simulator or without simulator, I get exactly the same result.
At the end of typing the exchange, one ENTER sends my exchange and logs it.
When the other station tells me I got his call wrong, he is already out of
Call and Exchange windows and I can't figure out how to let him know that I
his corrected call.  Reaching for my paddles is is stepping outside the box
I'd like to work this correctly through TR.

I've poured through the manual, but can't find anything that explains this
for me to understand.

Any suggestions?
Thanks and 73
Bob N6WG

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