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[Trlog] TR Log Version 6.75

Subject: [Trlog] TR Log Version 6.75
From: Tree <>
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 19:49:54 -0500
List-post: <>
TR Log 6.75 has been sent to the udpate list.  If you are on that list,
you will receive it shortly (if not already).  

Here are the changes in 6.75:

Version 6.75 - 12 October 2003

 - Added ORION Radio type.  It mostly works. I have sort of implemented
   the RIT SHIFT keys by moving the RIT to fixed values of -200 or +200
   when the left or right shift key is pressed.

 - Fixed up ARRLSECT.DOM with NT for the VE8/VY1 section name.  Note that
   you will now have to enter NTEX or NTX for the North Texas section.

 - Minor changes to CALQSOW6.DOM to allow MARN and SCV to show up in
   Marin and Santa Clara counties.  Same for SCV in CALCTY.DOM.

 - Removed LEGACY RADIO IO MODE.  The program should now work fine without
   it.  Please report any radio control issues that you see with this
   version.  There might be some slight performance degradation with
   Kenwood radios.  Also note that the frequency display on Kenwoods will
   disappear if you are continuously tuning the radio.  This is because
   the radio will not respond to frequency requests while it is being
   tuned.  When you stop tuning, the frequency display should reappear.
   You can increase the KENWOOD RESPONSE TIMEOUT if this bothers you.
   However, increasing this will slow down the program if your radio is
   off.  This can be fixed by disabling polling in the Control-J menu.

 - Added 19200 and 57600 baud support to the loopback test (TR LOOPBACK).

 - Added SEND ALT-D SPOTS TO PACKET (control-J, default = FALSE).  When
   you use Alt-D to do a dupe check on the second radio, the program
   will automatically generate a packet spot.

   ADDER RADIO TWO.  The old FREQUENCY ADDER command will set both
   radios to the same frequency adder.

 - Added ALT-D BUFFER ENABLE parameter (control-J - default = FALSE) to
   control Alt-D buffer feature added in 6.73.

 - Added UNIXTIME start-up command.  Allows you to enter integer UNIX
   time and get year, month, day, hour, minute, second, or vis-a-versa.

 - Added K1EA STATION ID - which is a character used to identify the
   computer on the K1EA network.

 - Added K1EA NETWORK ENABLE (default false - control-J) which makes TR
   talk K1EAish on the network port.  This supports logging, chat and
   time sync (receive only).  Packet and other commands to be added
   soon.  If you can hook up packet to CT, start TR with NETDEBUG and
   after receiving some spots send me the NETIN.BIN file, it will help
   me get the packet stuff added.

73 Tree
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