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[Trlog] Notes on CT network

Subject: [Trlog] Notes on CT network
From: Tree <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 10:31:03 -0500
List-post: <>
The addition of the K1EA network protocol was inspired by an upcoming 
trip to HC8N, where the CT network gets used.  Having this feature
will allow me to use TR and plug into the network.

This is only tested for the CQ WW thus far.  I might work okay for the 
ARRL DX, but I haven't really thought about that yet.

Hopefully, some of you can use this during the CQ WW SSB.  I have tested
it with a computer running CTWin talking to TR.  I used the TR READ feature
to push 500 QSOs at a rate of 3000/hour through and all QSOs made it to CT.

CT will need to be in the -loop mode.  You can tell if the network is 
working by sending a talk message (using the " key) in TR.  If the message 
shows up on your screen, it means it made it around the network.  This will
not happen if CT is not in loop mode.

Due to the nature of the CT network, some features will not work - such as
recovery after the network is interrupted, or talk messages to specific 

If a QSO is edited by CT, a new QSO with the new information will be logged.
The old QSO will still be there.  I think I will add a feature to create a
text file of all of the edits, making it easier after the contest to fix the

TR does use the time updates from the network that CT sends out every 10

Currently, it doesn't handle the packet spots, but I hope to add that as
soon as I get the information (K1EA was out of town over the weekend).
Same for bandmap stuff.

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