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[Trlog] so2r ssb question

Subject: [Trlog] so2r ssb question
From: ua4fer <>
Reply-to: ua4fer <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 12:08:42 +0400
List-post: <>
Dear contesters,

In operation TWO RADIO MODE ssb after performig ALT-D dupe check on
the inactive radio and then pressing the space bar my second radio
becomes active in s&p mode and have a callsign of the station whom
I'm calling in the call window but DVP doesn't play mycall.dvp file.
It needs to press F1 or ENTER to play it.
I don't like this second pressing on the keyboard.
Is it the way to make the second radio active and start
calling with only one hit on the space bar? In cw mode it works fine
with only one hit.
In a cfg file I have line: EX SSB MEMORY F1 = EXF1.DVP (my callsign)
I in a sbdvpcfg.dat file I have line: EXF1.DVP
Should I add something else in configuration?
TRlog is 6.75
73 and GL in CQWW
IGOR UA4FER                

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