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RE: [Trlog] so2r ssb question

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Subject: RE: [Trlog] so2r ssb question
From: "Mike Wetzel" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 11:35:00 -0500
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I am using a DVP board and mine works fine!  I don't need to hit 'F1' unless
to repeat.

In my config file I don't have any '=' signs but just record the message

Mike W9RE

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> Subject: [Trlog] so2r ssb question
> Dear contesters,
> In operation TWO RADIO MODE ssb after performig ALT-D dupe check on
> the inactive radio and then pressing the space bar my second radio
> becomes active in s&p mode and have a callsign of the station whom
> I'm calling in the call window but DVP doesn't play mycall.dvp file.
> It needs to press F1 or ENTER to play it.
> I don't like this second pressing on the keyboard.
> Is it the way to make the second radio active and start
> calling with only one hit on the space bar? In cw mode it works fine
> with only one hit.
> In a cfg file I have line: EX SSB MEMORY F1 = EXF1.DVP (my callsign)
> I in a sbdvpcfg.dat file I have line: EXF1.DVP
> Should I add something else in configuration?
> TRlog is 6.75
> DVP is SBDVP103
> 73 and GL in CQWW
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