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[Trlog] TR Log - Version 6.77

Subject: [Trlog] TR Log - Version 6.77
From: Tree <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 11:52:23 -0500
List-post: <>
Version 6.77 was sent to the update list earlier.  If you are not on the
update list, but want to be - please contact K5TR.  Also, PLEASE make sure
you have paid your $15 if you are due.  Is all of this work I am doing 
really worth the effort?

Anxious to hear if anyone is going to use the CT network interface in the
CQ WW contest.  

73 Tree

                     TR Log Version 6.77 Read Me File

Version 6.77 - 22 October 2003

 - Added new method for detecting incomplete messages from the radio.
   Made this an option by using the "FILTER RADIO MESSAGE LENGTH"
   parameter (control-J) with the default set to FALSE.  You might
   turn this on if you are having occasional problems with strange
   frequency or band results from your radio interface.

 - Fixed packet spot frequency not using current radio frequency.

Version 6.76 - 20 October 2003

 - Fixed incorrect time on logged QSO when using HOUR OFFSET <> 0.

 - Many K1EA network enhancements:

    - Added support for packet commands.  TR can even be running on the
      computer the TNC is hooked up to if you want.

    - Added support for bandmap commands.

    - Do not pass note log entries (Alt-N) to the network.

    - Fixed K1EA STATION ID in config file (was STATION ID).

    - Added support for K1EA pass and run frequency display in multi info
      display.  This display is shown either at the bottom of the bandmap
      or in the editable log window when you press Control-E.

    - Implemented PASSFREQ command by typing in \PASSFREQ in the call
      window.  Allows you to enter the frequency you want multipliers
      passed to.  Run frequency gets sent automatically when pressing
      F1 or F2 in CQ mode.

    - If using K1EA network, Alt-D will allow you to pass a station.

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