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[Trlog] Kenwood behavior in 6.75

Subject: [Trlog] Kenwood behavior in 6.75
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 17:47:11 EDT
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Hi Tree,

Not really a complaint, but a request:

Could you add a switch to allow the version 6.74 Kenwood behavior in the 
newer versions?  My PIEXX cpu board equipped TS-930 worked fine with 6.74 and 
earlier, and I really like the quick frequency update on screen while QSYing.  
Apparently, whatever comm problems that you were seeing with 6.74 (I think you 
use 850's) doesn't affect this popular aftermarket cpu board.

Keep up the good work!  It's great to have you "back in the saddle" again.  
Also, I've really enjoyed your CW SS posts to cq-contest reflector.  Good 

Charlie  N9CO/0
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