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[Trlog] WinTelnetX Instructions

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Subject: [Trlog] WinTelnetX Instructions
From: "J. Edward (Ed) Muns" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 12:10:21 -0700
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K1TTT has posted a set of instructions
( which I wrote for using
WinTelnetX to connect an Internet PacketCluster node to TR-Log.  You will
have to substitute your serial port numbers (COM1, COM2, etc.), preferred
PacketCluster URL, the exact logon prompt from the PacketCluster and your
own call sign, but this should all be fairly obvious as you go through the

These instructions assume that you use the TR-Log default of 2400/7/E/1
settings for the packet port.  If you set command EIGHT BIT PACKET PORT =
TRUE, then you need to set WinTelnetX and your Windows serial port to
2400/8/N/2 (or 1200 or 4800 Baud if you change command PACKET BAUD RATE from
its default 2400).

Ed - W0YK

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