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[Trlog] Trouble in River City

Subject: [Trlog] Trouble in River City
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 18:42:37 EST
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Well, things were fine during the Sprint and NAQP.  SO2R worked.

Then I downloaded 6.77 and 6.78 and things were never the same.  SO2R did not 
work.  When I switched to rig 2 and hit F1 in S&P mode, the computer sent the 
command to rig 1.  All cables were checked.  Computer was checked for 
problems.  None were found.

I watched the monitor screen and noticed that the mode switched back and 
forth form cw to ssb.  It seemed to be timed to the seconds in the clock in the 
upper left hand corner.  I also noticed a delay between polling the frequency 
either rig longer than in the past.  I set the polling rate to 25 ms.  That 
did not fix the problem.

I re downloaded and installed 677 and 678 and started over.  Same results.

During the contest, I noted that in the band map a call was indicated as 
being needed as a multiplier.  When I selected it, hit enter to get it to the 
window, TR would then told me it was a dupe.

I did operate the contest using one radio and did okay.  

Next step was to start over at the install and try everything again.  I hope 
I can get some help before ss

Best regards

Michael Gulbranson
CleanAir Technologies, Inc.
Tel 952-544-9152
Fax: 952-545-2449
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