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[Trlog] multi-op and TR ideas

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Subject: [Trlog] multi-op and TR ideas
From: "KL7RA" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 00:01:45 -0900
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A few ideas to make TRLog "more better" and useful for the multi-op.

1. Bandmap a spot "some how" to indicate the entry was made with the
spacebar and not from the internet to indicate it was heard on site.

2, Run the spot through trmaster before going to the bandmap and 
indicate "some how" if it is not found. Might be useful to notice some of 
the busted calls. 

2. A command to reset the ten minute clock so it may be used for M/S.
The ten minute window does not work for multi/single using a network 
with more then two band positions. 

3. Have the so2r dual freq display indicate the xmit freq while split from
a bandmap spot. This would verify the xmit freq is correct if the radio
does not have dual freq display and requires the T/F button. 

4. Spots during a contest wipe out operator comments very fast. A 
new/better screen location to display comments would be helpful.

I know multi-multi using TR are in the minority but I keep "squeaking" to 
get the grease (TRLog features) to send every guest (CT user) op home 
after the contest with the appropriate appreciation for quality DOS contest 
logging software.        

((shameful pitch for Tree to code more for M/M, but it's not below me))  
73 Rich KL7RA  

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