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[Trlog] PTT Delay on new TR versions

Subject: [Trlog] PTT Delay on new TR versions
From: Toni Lindén <>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 15:34:07 +0200 (EET)
List-post: <>

I still can´t get ptt delay working with new (6.7X - 6.76) versions.
To make sure what I´m tring to do, is put a command to TR to keep the PTT on
until a message from DVK is played. I do need this command for sending messages 
incative radio. (message starts with <CTRL - A> command (and happy face is 
in ALT - P message windows)

So if I put a message for example to memory F5 (and I want to send this to
inactive radio), I do it like: 

F5 = <CTRL - P> <CTRL - A> DVK1 <CTRL - C> PTTDELAY = 4400 <CTRL - D>

And the result is that someting is sent and right away aborted, but the PTT 
will stay on required time. If I try only <CTRL - A> or PTT DELAY, both will 
work a itself but in same message nothing´s been sent on the air. 

Then I swiced back to version 6.50 and everything worked just fine.

So is there some new command for PTT DELAY or some other thing I did wrong? Or 
is there
a bug in new versions?

73 de Toni, OH2UA

-.-. --.-   -.. .   --- .... ..--- ..- .-
Toni Lindén, OH2UA

Kokonkatu 3A12
FIN 11120 Riihimäki



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