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[Trlog] Help for Omni VI Please!

Subject: [Trlog] Help for Omni VI Please!
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 16:35:51 EST
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Any help anyone is willing to offer is appreciated.

I tried using the new .MIM ARRL section file with an older version of TR, but 
noticed that the SS overlay did not seem to include all the new ARRl 
sections.  I loaded 6.72, the most recent version I have, and I get a "radio 1 
communication warning" and the frequency on TR does not follow the radio as I 
although it does sense the band and frequency initially. 

My Omni VI is set up for IC735, like I've always used, and it is working fine 
with all other logging applications, although I am using 6.56+ for most other 
contests and general logging.

Can I use previous versions with the new .MIM file, if so, how can I add the 
new precedences?  

I am paying the price for missing SS the past five years.

Paul R. Schaffenberger, K5AF
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