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Re: [Trlog] icom 746 interface to TR

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Subject: Re: [Trlog] icom 746 interface to TR
From: "VE6JY Don Moman" <>
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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 06:31:09 -0000
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I've built several of the home brew interfaces, K6XX and G3VGR style, and
all work just fine with TR and any of the other software I use.  But I
always use the parallel port for any CW.

73 Don

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From: "Chris Adams" <>
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Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 06:06
Subject: [Trlog] icom 746 interface to TR

I recently picked up an Icom 746 to use as a 2nd radio.  Since my my 1st
radio is a Kenwood I have not yet encountered the challanges of the CI-V
interface.  It is my goal to avoid purchasing the Icom CI-V for $100 or so
and use one of the self powered converters.  From my limited investigation
it appears the self powered converters get their power from either the RTS
or DTR lines.  The TR manual implies that RTS is not turned on so it can be
used to send CW via the serial port.

I do not need to use the serial port for CW transmission so my question,
after this long winded explanation is...  has anyone used a 3rd party CI-V
to serial port converter with TR successfullly and are their any

Thanks in advance for your help.


chris, n4vi

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