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[Trlog] "Intelligent" Enter Key Enhancement

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Subject: [Trlog] "Intelligent" Enter Key Enhancement
From: "Mark Bailey" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 07:10:19 -0500
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Good Morning, all

I attended a demonstration of N1MM yesterday night.  In their S&P mode,
with something called "ESM" (Enter Sends Message), the enter key works
slightly differently from TR.

Enter calls the other station if there is a non-duplicate callsign in the
However, in TRLog, the next enter sends the exchange.  You can set up
N1MM so the second enter sends your callsign again unless you type
something in the exchange window. Maybe we could use a "space"
after a fixed exchange or one recalled from the exchange memory.

This way, you can keep hitting "Enter" instead of switching to F4 if the
station doesn't come back.

I liked this idea, especially for contests without a fixed exchange which
is filled in automatically.  In CQ mode, the same thing could wipe the
callsign window and send a CQ.  Again, I'd envision a CNTRL-J menu
option to control both of these behaviors!  Fewer keystrokes...The CQ
option would need some keystroke to get the callsign back... :-)

What do y'all think?


Mark, KD4D

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