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[Trlog] Serial Port Cards

Subject: [Trlog] Serial Port Cards
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 16:07:33 EST
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Hi All:

Well, it is my turn to ask for help on serial port expansion cards.  Ron 
KK1L, is also helping to ensure I have TR set up correctly.  But, something is 

I have seen a lot of discussion about Byterunner.  I have a SIIG card with 2 
serial ports and one lpt port.  Works great in W98SE.  Nothing in TR.  Rig 2 
is not being polled.

Anyway, I am thinking it could be the card.  Byterunner has three,  
PCI-210H-9, TC-210-9, and T-9001-9 that appear to have what it takes.

So, my question is which one is recommended.  I am running W89SE on a 450 mhz 

I wait to hear from the experts, please


Michael WG0M
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