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[Trlog] Post will not recognize CQ WPX RTTY name

Subject: [Trlog] Post will not recognize CQ WPX RTTY name
From: Richard Ferch <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 18:33:55 -0500
List-post: <>

If POST doesn't recognize the contest name, I would try the following:

1. Edit the contest name in the LOGCFG file to CQ WPX (i.e. fool it into thinking you were in the CW contest, not the RTTY contest)

2. Run POST to create a Cabrillo file for the CW version of WPX

3. Edit the Cabrillo file to change the contest name from CQ-WPX-CW to CQ-WPX-RTTY

4. Verify that the mode in the QSO: lines is RY and not CW (or PH); if it is CW, do a global replace to change "<space>CW<space>" to "<space>RY<space>".

To do the editing, you can use any text editor, except maybe WIndows Notepad, which in my view is too limited to bother fighting with. WordPad and the DOS EDIT command both work fine for this kind of thing.


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