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[Trlog] Argosy 2-port PCMCIA Serial card

Subject: [Trlog] Argosy 2-port PCMCIA Serial card
From: Mike Gilmer <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 12:23:22 -0800 (PST)
List-post: <>
Yesterday I wrote that I was having trouble getting my

PCMCIA 2-port serial card working in DOS on my 

Well, a little head scratching later I discovered that

I was getting an error ("There is no available 4k 
memory for mapping") at boot-up that I was 
overlooking.  I searched the manufacturer's (Argosy's)

website for help with this issue, but found nothing 
but the manual in PDF (which I already had).  So on a 
whim, I searched using Google for the exact memory 
error quote and got some hits suggesting a config.sys 
tweak to the EMM386 line.  Turns out, this help was on

that same manufacturer's website, but under the help 
for their CD/DVD stuff.  Google rocks!

Anyway, it worked. TR loopback can now see the 
ports.  :)

Here's the card:

Of course, I have to now interface this to an actual 
radio and TR "network" to be truly satisfied.  I'll 
let you know.

Mike N2MG

P.S. Still waiting to see someone post an Ethernet 
solution that works with TR.

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