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[Trlog] Rcvd exchange replaces RST

To: TRLog Reflector <>
Subject: [Trlog] Rcvd exchange replaces RST
From: "Tim Totten, N4GN" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 23:07:00 -0500 (EST)
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Only noticed two minor issues after pounding on TR Log all weekend:

1) As others have pointed out previously, the on-deck call for the second
radio sometimes diappeared for no apparent reason.  The result was that
when I hit the space bar to call the guy on the second radio, TR Log would
go into S&P mode, but my call would get dumped in on my run freq.  That
probably happened 8 or 10 times out of 200+ second-radio Qs.

2) Some misguided souls in this contest actually change their output power
during the contest and insist on sending a different exchange.  One thing
I just noticed after the contest is that if I simply typed in the new
exchange after the pre-filled exchange, TR Log would sometimes interpret
the pre-filled exchange as an RST, overwriting the default 599.  For
example, G1ABC sent 599 100 on our first QSO.  But then he broke out the
QRP rig and called me later on another band and sent 599 5.  For that
second QSO, if I just typed "5" after the pre-filled "100" in the exchange
field (assuming the parser would use the last number as the rcvd
exchange), it would be logged as if the RST he sent me was 100.  I don't
know if the log checkers even look at the RST field, but I went back and
manually fixed this in my log for a handful of QSOs.  I'd say it's very
low priority, but it would be nice if TR Log at least decided that any
number with zeroes in it was not a valid RST.


Tim Totten,
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