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[Trlog] Jumping up to 679

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Subject: [Trlog] Jumping up to 679
From: "Carl Preddy" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 21:24:21 -0500
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I just re-upped my TR after a couple of years using 6.55 . This weekend was
my first experience with 6.79. I really like the expanded bandmap features,
and found most other things working as nicely as ever. I did observe some
interesting behaviors:

  1.. With the bandmap in Dupes-off mode the cursor will sometimes lose
count, showing the n+1 station in the highlight area. It seemed like this
happened starting at a station whose callsign was longer than the field
  2.. On one occasion I saw duplicate listings in the bandmap when in
single-band mode, like 30 stations in normal order then the first 10 or so
repeated. Entering the map gave two cursors, each at a matching entry!
Thought maybe my brain was fried, but there was someone else watching and he
saw it too. Not able to reproduce.
  3.. Some combination of states can create a refresh-loop in the QSO/Mults
window. It happened when the cursor is in the bandmap and moved to a station
that was a dupe. The Q/M window says ?xxx is a dupe!? and it gets the
jitters until I moved to another station. Saw this several times but found
it hard to reproduce. Used the large checklist.
  4.. NextBandMap appeared not to work reliably on the first press. I often
had to strike the assigned key (F12) two or three times to get it to jump.
Unable to guess what conditions lead to this, but it happened a lot and was
rather annoying. It isn?t my keyboard.
  5.. Packet Beep = FALSE seems to be ignored. It beeps up a storm in the
ctrl-B window no matter what the setting, which it never did before.
  6.. POST was a bust. POST P  ( or POST LD) reported a third of my contacts
as dupes (not sensing band differences). I ran the log through POST 6.55 and
it was reported dupe-free. I suppose this process is a bit superfluous now.
Cabrillo ran OK so I submitted.
As always, a fine contesting experience. Thanks.

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