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[Trlog] RE: Jumping up to 679

Subject: [Trlog] RE: Jumping up to 679
From: "Mike Heideman" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 05:26:00 +0000
List-post: <>
Carl Preddy said:
4.. NextBandMap appeared not to work reliably on the first press. I often
had to strike the assigned key (F12) two or three times to get it to jump.
Unable to guess what conditions lead to this, but it happened a lot and was
rather annoying. It isn?t my keyboard.

I've also seen this happen with some radios for about the past 10 or 15 versions of TR. I suspect that it is a radio control issue and may be solved by either adjusting the timeout, the baud rate, or ignoring partial data. I saw this on an ICOM IC-761 and an Orion, but never on our FT1000MPs. Maybe this will all get fixed by Tree's overhaul of the radio interface code.

The Q/M window jitters started only in the past couple of versions. It seems pretty harmless but is distracting when it happens.

I've previously reported at least one major bug in the Bandmap when toggling either dupes/no-dupes or single/all bands. What you report may be yet another symptom that occurs when toggling between Bandmap modes during a contest. My recollection is that it was quite frustrating because it wasn't tracking dupes correctly so I'd try calling a station in the Bandmap only to have the spot change to a dupe when I made the attempt. It also lost all the spots near the high end of each band.

-Mike, N7MH

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