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Re: [Trlog] Another Bandmap issue

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Subject: Re: [Trlog] Another Bandmap issue
From: "Steve London" <>
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Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 00:03:23 -0000
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Try 6.69 or some older version of TRLog and see if you can reproduce this

I had a posting about this same problem using 6.79 in CQWW CW
( .  I
used 6.69 last weekend specifically to avoid this problem, and it worked

What say Tree ?

Steve, N2IC

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From: "Bob Wolbert, K6XX" <>
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Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 10:20 PM
Subject: [Trlog] Another Bandmap issue

> Regarding the radio interface: for as long as I can remember, and with
> multiple rigs (K/W, MP, MkV, K2, etc.) on many different computers and
> operating systems, I've had a fundamental problem with the band map.
> It's like this. I spot a station to the bandmap and don't get through
> (happens all the time, unfortunately... maybe this is just me?...). I
> continue S&P for 'easier' prey.
> On the next pass of the band, when that station/frequency is tuned in
> it ***SOMETIMES*** is added to the callsign field. Often, however, the
> bandmap entry begins blinking, but the callsign field remains blank.
> If I swap VFOs (or radios when operating SO2R), so that the program sees
> abrupt frequency change, and then switch back, _abruptly_ entering the
> correct frequency for the spot, the callsign field is ALWAYS filled in
> properly. This means that if I grab a bandmap spot, the call field is
> filled correctly. It only fails when I tune the signal in more slowly.
> feature doesn't fail all the time, but does fail often--probably more than
> half the time; I've come to expect this problem, so don't know just how
> often it fails. Pretty sure that if you try ten callsigns/frequencies,
> you'll see several failures when retuning slowly. BTW: "slowly" means the
> frequency display is tracking the rig's display smoothly.
> Again, I've tried many different rigs, rig interfaces (where required),
> (286s 386s, 486s, Pent, PentII, including laptops, in DOS 6.22 or windoze
> 95, 98, and 98SE), with and without packet (local TNC, networked TNC, and
> external Telnet) and cannot remember it ever being "solid". I've also
> a bit with polling, but not enough to have a cure. My Polling parameter is
> the TR default for each rig family.
> I'd prefer to work everybody on the first call, but failing that, could we
> find out what my (or TR's) problem may be here?**
> TU & 73 de Bob, K6XX
> ** Yes, this is an attempt at humor. I apologize. However, even if I
> worked everyone on the first call, I'd still need the bandmap so I could
> keep track of dupes or "unworkable stations" (such as US/VE in ARRL DX,
> etc.) and could zip through the band looking for new stations faster.
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