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RE: [Trlog] Another Bandmap issue

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Subject: RE: [Trlog] Another Bandmap issue
From: "Mike Gilmer" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 19:07:40 -0500
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I noticed this with 1000MP and TR 6.79

It definitely seemed to matter how fast one tuned to the frequency holding
the bandmapped call. Can't say I remember this happening in the past.

Mike N2MG

> Regarding the radio interface: for as long as I can remember, and with
> multiple rigs (K/W, MP, MkV, K2, etc.) on many different computers and
> operating systems, I've had a fundamental problem with the band map.
> It's like this. I spot a station to the bandmap and don't get through
> (happens all the time, unfortunately... maybe this is just me?...). I
> continue S&P for 'easier' prey.
> On the next pass of the band, when that station/frequency is
> tuned in again,
> it ***SOMETIMES*** is added to the callsign field. Often, however, the
> bandmap entry begins blinking, but the callsign field remains blank.

> It only fails when I tune the signal in more  slowly.  The
> feature doesn't fail all the time, but does fail often--probably more than
> half the time; I've come to expect this problem, so don't know just how
> often it fails.

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