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[Trlog] CTY.dat

Subject: [Trlog] CTY.dat
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 12:34:49 EST
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Hi all
I'm having problems with Post and don't understand what is happening.  After 
the ARRL DX contest, I ran summary in Post only to see my score drop from 30 K 
to 20 K.  It was pointed out to me that my log showed many of the entries 
having 0 (not dupes) point value when they should have been 3.  

It was suggested to me that maybe the problem is/was with CTY.DAT file.  The 
date on the file I have shows 11/23/03.  However, it might be corrupted.  I 
moved everything from one computer to another and this was the first contest 
since the move.

Could someone please send me their file, please?  I will use that one for the 
phone  contest.  Hopefully things will work better.



Michael WG0M
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