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[Trlog] Near-SO2R for RTTY with one computer

Subject: [Trlog] Near-SO2R for RTTY with one computer
From: K4RO Kirk Pickering <>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 11:29:50 -0600
List-post: <>
Below is an excerpt describing from my latest attempts to 
get SO2R functionality with TR-Log running the RTTY mode.


The neat thing about NAQP RTTY contest was that I used some
different equipment techniques, and managed to get SO2R 
working on RTTY with TR-Log.  It's not fully automatic 
SO2R in that a hardware button must be pushed on the PK-232
to alternate between radios. But the logging, rig control, 
and other TR features are working (sans band map - which 
is sacrificed for the RTTY screen in TR-Log.)   MMTTY is
run alongside TR in a separate window, and is used for
decoding only on radio 2.

I used a Windows XP computer with three serial ports.(Many
thanks to K1KY for the PCI serial card.) TR-Log is running
in a "Command Prompt" Window under XP. W4NZ gave me a small 
DLL file called DLPORTIO which seems to make the serial ports 
behave correctly with DOS programs under XP.  (Not the parallel 
ports, unfortunately.)  The three serial ports go to radio 1, 
radio 2, and the PK-232.  The PK-232 has provisions to support 
two radios via a front panel switch.  I made up cables for two
IC-765 radios, each carrying RX audio, PTT, and FSK keying signals.
The receive audio for radio 2 is routed to the sound card, for
decoding by MMTTY.

Radio 1 transmits and receives through the PK-232, as always.
While transmitting on radio 1, MMTTY is used to S&P a new QSO on 
another band with radio 2.  When a QSO is found (using the standard
TR-Log Alt-D method) and loaded into the "on-deck" area, a space
bar loads the info into the appropriate windows when the timing
is right.  A quick push of the PK-232 Radio1/Radio2 buttton
followed by Enter sends call on the second radio.  The second
Enter logs the Q, and returns you to Radio 1.  One more push of
the PK-232 R1/R2 button and you're ready for another CQ on radio 1.
It sounds more cumbersome than it is.  Until TR-Log can support
two RTTY ports, this is probably as close as I can get to RTTY SO2R
using TR-Log.  In any case, it was fun to get working, and used 
equipment that I already had on hand.

C U in the next RTTY contest.


-Kirk  K4RO

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