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Re: [Trlog] Near-SO2R for RTTY with one computer

Subject: Re: [Trlog] Near-SO2R for RTTY with one computer
From: VR2BrettGraham <>
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 01:28:53 +0000
List-post: <>
K4RO reported:

Below is an excerpt describing from my latest attempts to
get SO2R functionality with TR-Log running the RTTY mode.


The neat thing about NAQP RTTY contest was that I used some
different equipment techniques, and managed to get SO2R
working on RTTY with TR-Log.  It's not fully automatic
SO2R in that a hardware button must be pushed on the PK-232
to alternate between radios. But the logging, rig control,
and other TR features are working (sans band map - which
is sacrificed for the RTTY screen in TR-Log.)   MMTTY is
run alongside TR in a separate window, and is used for
decoding only on radio 2.


Radio 1 transmits and receives through the PK-232, as always.
While transmitting on radio 1, MMTTY is used to S&P a new QSO on
another band with radio 2.  When a QSO is found (using the standard
TR-Log Alt-D method) and loaded into the "on-deck" area, a space
bar loads the info into the appropriate windows when the timing
is right.  A quick push of the PK-232 Radio1/Radio2 buttton
followed by Enter sends call on the second radio.  The second
Enter logs the Q, and returns you to Radio 1.  One more push of
the PK-232 R1/R2 button and you're ready for another CQ on radio 1.
It sounds more cumbersome than it is.  Until TR-Log can support
two RTTY ports, this is probably as close as I can get to RTTY SO2R
using TR-Log.  In any case, it was fun to get working, and used
equipment that I already had on hand.

Not really awake yet, but if one replaced the PK232's RADIO switch with a relay & drove that with TR like conventional mode SO2R switching, couldn't the button-pushing could be avoided?

On the other hand, the button-pushing is about the only way to keep
the RADIO switch from going flaky over time (PK232's input is high-Z &
it doesn't take much yuck on the switch contacts to impede things - the
extra wiping can really help).

Next workaround goal: TAIL END KEY.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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