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[Trlog] Cabrillo Log submission +++

Subject: [Trlog] Cabrillo Log submission +++
From: Eric Hilding <>
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 10:55:17 -0800
List-post: <>
I need to send in my KP2CW log, but still being a n00b to loggers, etc., have several questions:

1. Should "Dupes" be left in the Cabrillo log?

2. I forgot to put times on/off in the log (kept track manually on a piece of paper). Do I need to insert these before submission?

3. Although several advised against it, I had the "Dupe Nuker" turned on during the contest. Unfortunately, I discovered after the contest that if I had already sent an exchange to a partial call & then corrected the call, this allowed dupes to slip through (I wondered what the "beep" was at times :-) Is there a magical switch/setting to prevent these corrected call dupes from being logged? OR, should I just follow some advice given and work all dupes & not worry about it?



Rick, K6VVA

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