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Re: [Trlog] TR&RDXC

Subject: Re: [Trlog] TR&RDXC
From: Charlie Ocker <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 18:15:09 -0700
List-post: <> wrote:
Dr Nikolai,

Thanks a lot for providing us with the following information the other day:


"In Russia symbols of some areas have changed. We ask to pay to this attention before Russian DX
Contest, please.

New symbols now in the following areas:

R3M   -   YR
R3S   -    RA
R9K   -   YN
R0H   -   EV
R0Q  -    SH
R0X   -   KY

The information about RDXC look on

  73, de UA9KM,Nikolai Kuprin."


I have a few comments:

- the RUSSIAN.DOM file which is distributed with TR-Log updates is dated 03/05/98 and is slightly out of date, unfortunately;

- Nikolai's comments above come in handy, but they do not seem to cover everything;

- I have compared the present RUSSIAN.DOM
file with the Region data provided at the HP of
the organizers of the RDXC contest the coming
weekend, and a quick glance yielded the following
possible changes:

To be deleted or replaced?
Ja = JA
Jn = JN
Kj = KJ
Ya = YA

To be added?
Ky = KY
Sh = SH
Yn = YN
Yr = YR

To be replaced?
Ew = EW by Ev = EV

I would be happy if someone more versed in Russian
geography and administration could check what
I am suggesting above (QSL, Nikolai?)

Final question: provided that the above info is correct,
will my TR-Log be OK in this contest if I simply edit RUSSIAN.DOM in accordance with the hopingly agreed changes, such as the ones above?



You have beaten me to a task that was on my list. If at all possible, could you post your RUSSIAN.DOM file once you have it finalized to the list, or perhaps email a copy to me?

Many, many thanks in advance!

Vy 73,
Charlie  N9CO

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