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Re: [Trlog] RDXC & updating RUSSIAN.DOM

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Subject: Re: [Trlog] RDXC & updating RUSSIAN.DOM
From: "Jaap - PA2F" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 14:29:51 -0000
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 Op  vrijdag 19 maart 2004 7:46z  schreef  Rolf T Salme:

:Besides I suggest you rather add new IDs for
:these 5 oblast then substitute them because these
:changes are not known to some of the participants.

Yr = Ja, YR
Yn = YN, JN
Ev = EV, EW
Sh = SH, YA
Ky = KY, KJ
Rz = RZ, RA

Ad the new/updated ones and remove the old Xx = XX and place the old XX
behind the new one, separated by a ,
this avoids not being able to log and avoids double mults.

73 Jaap, PA2F

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