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[Trlog] RE: How to correct logged band errors?

Subject: [Trlog] RE: How to correct logged band errors?
From: Eric Hilding <>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 23:20:39 -0800
List-post: <>
Don, VE6JY kindly responded:

You need to delete (or move or rename) the RESTART.BIN file.   I'm assuming
this is the file you're calling  .rst and trying to edit .... I don't think
there is any file associated with TRlog that ends in .rst.   After deleting
the restart.bin,  and then starting TR log (tr.exe  not .cfg), it should
show the proper band qso totals.

Tnx, Don. Tree also sent me some direct info, but so far neither approach is working.

FYI, there *IS* an .rst file, and I'm not loading the .cfg file, but starting TR from the sub-directory. I even deleted (renamed to non-functional) the .rst (a/k/a RESTART.BIN) file but it still shows the erroneous count on 160m in spite of the .DAT file being changed and remaining accurate as corrected.



Rick, K6VVA

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