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[Trlog] FT-920, built in DVR and command strings - help needed

Subject: [Trlog] FT-920, built in DVR and command strings - help needed
From: Bruce Ferry <>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 13:11:09 -0400
List-post: <>
This has been tossed around on the FT920 reflector and the conclusion is that there is no way to do it. There is just no programming in the 920 to accomplish it.



our club is planning to take part in Region 1 Field Day SSB contest this
weekend, using FT-920 and its built-in digital voice recorder which ermits up to 16 seconds of prerecorded messages split into six memory banks (messages). We don't have FT-920 manual at hand, so don't know whether it is possible to control (play) them via RS-232, same way as we can choose wide/narrow filters (with command strings embedded into F-key messages), etc. If someone have list of commands available for FT-920, particulary for enabling recorded memory banks we would be grateful for them.

73! Mirko, S57AD

Bruce Ferry, AK8B

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