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Re: [Trlog] Changing Config Files & Ctrl-V Questions

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Subject: Re: [Trlog] Changing Config Files & Ctrl-V Questions
From: Ken Beals <>
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 17:01:07 -0700
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When you say "that doesn't appear to do anything for my CW messages", I think that means you are using the default messages that Tree provides for any particular contest. If you include definitions for all the F keys in your .cfg file, then they will change with the Ctrl-V just like everything else. You can also put keys that are the same for all configs into the stdcfg.dat file, which gets loaded every time you start TR. Anything that is not defined in the specific .cfg file will use the value in stdcfg.dat .

Ken K6MR

James Walter wrote:

Hi All,

I've been using TR for quite some time.  Recently I've been operating mobile
in several state qso parties and have used three different methods for
handling county changes.

Initially I created a config file for each county I was planning to operate
from.  This worked well as all the function keys could be set up ahead of
time with the correct county abbreviations, etc.  The down side is not
having any mult info or partial callsign info follow to the next county.

My second iteration was to edit the abbreviations in the config file with a
text editor when changing counties.  This worked ok but a bit cumbersome on
the fly.  I'd then restart the computer, do a Ctrl-K to reset the dupe sheet
and I was off.  Was nice having the mult info as well as partial callsign
info in the noisy mobile environment though.

This past contest I once again created a separate config file for each
county.  I had a local DOS guru create a batch file subroutine.  I'd simply
type Go <county config file name> and TR would start running using the
appropriate config file.  Upon exiting TR the subroutine would copy the .dat
and .rst files as Log.dat and Log.rst (for lack of better names).  Upon
executing the Go command for the next county it would rename the Log.dat and
Log.rst to the new county name, boot to TR using the new config file and we
were off.  Of course I'd still have to reset the dupe sheet.

This seems to be a fairly elegant solution but there might be a simpler way.
Someone pointed out the Ctrl-V command but that doesn't appear to do
anything for my CW messages.

By the way, what parameters can be changed with Ctrl-V?  The manual doesn't
appear to address this with any depth.

73...Jim, WT9U

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