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[Trlog] Radio interface

Subject: [Trlog] Radio interface
From: Tree <>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 11:37:13 -0500
List-post: <>
Well - the new radio interface code is coming to life.  I hope to have all
of the radios completed tonight and will have a test version of the software
available.  It will mostly be functional, but there are a few things I had
to remove when I created the new program structure that I won't have added
back in just yet.

However, there is a new radio interface monitor function that I would like
to have some people run and get back to me with the results.  After you
start up the program, you can type \RADIO in the call window, and a screen
will come up showing all of the data coming back from the radio - including
VFO A and B frequencies and if you are in split.  I have tested the Kenwood
and Omni6+ with this, but need your help to test the other radios to make
sure they still work.

Also, the RADIO DEBUG command has been replaced by SERIAL PORT DEBUG.  If
set to true, files for each COM port will be generated for debug purposes.

I'll send this version out to the update list when it is ready for testing,
but don't bother downloading it unless you want to do some testing.  After
we have all of the raido interface code working, I will add the features 
back in that were removed and make a formal release before CQ WW SSB.

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