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RE: [Trlog] Test version of TR

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Subject: RE: [Trlog] Test version of TR
From: "Mike Wetzel" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 01:01:30 -0500
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Using 6.81t, and IC-781's, TR follows each frequency from each radio after
you stop tuning.  On the \RADIO screen, top line updates frequency as knob
is rotated, 2nd line is a little slower and third line is not updated until
tuning knob is at rest (also the frequency in TR).  I had to remove the ICOM
Response and other parameter before this version would run.  Adding SERIAL
PORT DEBUG = TRUE and tuning a vfo caused a computer reboot each time.  Not
sure yet what to do with the Hex Dump business.

Mike W9RE

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Subject: [Trlog] Test version of TR

The test version is up on the web at this URL:

Since this isn't really a production version, I just posted it.

Please let me know how it works with your interfaced radios.  Go ahead and
post your results to the trlog reflector, so others won't duplicate your

A welcome screen will come up with instructions on how to enter the test


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