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Re: [Trlog] TRLog and XP

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Subject: Re: [Trlog] TRLog and XP
From: "Bob Werner" <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 15:01:58 -0500
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Why not use compatability mode in WinXP? If you right click on the
executable (TRlog.exe) then go to properties. Select the compatability tab
and select Win95. You can even run the program in 256 colors or 640*480.
There's a couple other boxes.

I'd experiment with this, but I don't have a rig that will work with TR.

Bob Werner
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Subject: Re: [Trlog] TRLog and XP

> Hi Don:
> I believe it basically won't work at all...that's why you are seeing all
> of my postings about booting DOS on new computers!  I'm
> running TR on new computers, but I'm running it under DOS.
> Windows XP will not readily allow a DOS program to access
> the serial and parallel ports directly.  I'm not aware of any
> way to make it work AT ALL, much less with timing good
> enough to send CW.  If you figure out a way to do it, please
> let us all know!
> I can send you procedures to create a bootable CD and run
> from a USB stick (if your BIOS supports this) or to do what
> I do and set your computer up to boot both Windows XP
> and DOS (without affecting the Windows XP installation)
> if you would like.  You may even be able to boot DOS from
> a USB stick (if the BIOS supports it) and dispense with
> the bootable CD.  I just made a quick post to the reflector
> about how to make a DOS boot floppy as well.
> Dual booting is a bit tricky, but it is doable and a very neat
> solution.  All four of my computers dual boot Windows XP
> and DOS (and actually triple boot or more with various
> flavors of Linux).  You turn on the computer and it asks
> you if you want to run DOS or Windows XP and boots into
> either.  Both work just like they would if they were the only
> operating system on the computer and you don't have to
> re-install Windows or anything else.
> To can make TR work on a new computer
> by running DOS but I don't know how to make it work using
> Windows XP.
> 73,
> Mark, KD4D
> > What problems can I expect using Windows XP with TRlog?
> > Tnx es 73
> > Don, W6OA/7
> > Winlock, WA
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