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Re: [Trlog] serial port keyed on starting TR

Subject: Re: [Trlog] serial port keyed on starting TR
From: Tree <>
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 10:16:17 -0800
List-post: <>
> >You mean something like (in dave.bat):
> >
> >echo *****TURN OFF RADIOS*****
> >pause
> >tr
> Perfect!


There might be a more fun way to do this.

You need to output a value to the parallel port that puts things in
the off state.  

You can actually use TR to do this (I think).  First, you need to
figure out which port and value to output.  Use the TR PORTS command
to find out what your base address is for your parallel port.

The port number to send data to the parallel port is 2 more than the
base address.

Then, manually change the port value using the TR IOPORT command.

You will want to send a $08 to the port I believe.

Now that you have got all of that working, you are wondering how to
automate it.

There is a little known way to send keystrokes to a DOS program using
this context:

TR IOPORT << keys

Where keys is a file that has the EXACT KEYSTROKES you want to execute.
You can not have extra CR LFs in this file - so it takes a little bit 
of work to do it right.  I use debug to create it but there are other

You can then put that in your autoexec file and fix it that way.

You can do a similar thing with the debug program itself and probably
many others.

This is a good exercise for someone wanting to spend a few hours learning
some new tricks.

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