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Re: [Trlog] serial port keyed on starting TR

To: Tree <>,
Subject: Re: [Trlog] serial port keyed on starting TR
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 18:24:34 +0000
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Hi Tree:

I believe Dave was complaining about the serial port, not the parallel

A friend of mine was having problems with initialization of the
parallel port (using a different program that asserted PTT on
initialization).  I wrote a trivial C program to initialize the parallel
port under DOS/W95/W98, called lpt1init.  I think the SCK-II
folks have a link to it...I used the free OpenWatcom compiler.

I can provide the executable or source code.  It would be easy
to write a com1init... :-)  Heck, I could let you provide an argument
and initialize any com port and solve this one.  I wonder if writing to
a COM port is harder than writing to a parallel port?  :-)

Judging from your comments about TR IOPORT, I'd guess not... 



> > >You mean something like (in dave.bat):
> > >
> > >echo *****TURN OFF RADIOS*****
> > >pause
> > >tr
> > 
> > Perfect!
> Hmmmmm. 
> There might be a more fun way to do this.
> You need to output a value to the parallel port that puts things in
> the off state.  
> You can actually use TR to do this (I think).  First, you need to
> figure out which port and value to output.  Use the TR PORTS command
> to find out what your base address is for your parallel port.
> The port number to send data to the parallel port is 2 more than the
> base address.
> Then, manually change the port value using the TR IOPORT command.
> You will want to send a $08 to the port I believe.
> Now that you have got all of that working, you are wondering how to
> automate it.
> There is a little known way to send keystrokes to a DOS program using
> this context:
> TR IOPORT << keys
> Where keys is a file that has the EXACT KEYSTROKES you want to execute.
> You can not have extra CR LFs in this file - so it takes a little bit 
> of work to do it right.  I use debug to create it but there are other
> ways.
> You can then put that in your autoexec file and fix it that way.
> You can do a similar thing with the debug program itself and probably
> many others.
> This is a good exercise for someone wanting to spend a few hours learning
> some new tricks.
> Tree
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