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Re: [Trlog] Exchange default value ?

Subject: Re: [Trlog] Exchange default value ?
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 11:46:11 EST
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Dans un e-mail daté du 07/02/2005 17:18:20 Paris, Madrid, a  
écrit :

Hi QSK  guy. That is exactly the way it is. 599 is assumed if you do
not type in  the exchange box different RST. The default RST does not
show in the  exchange box though because there is no need for that,
BTW it would be  great if everyone on the reflector sign postings with
name and call sign  :)

73, Igor UA9CDC

Sorry Igor, I forgot to present myself.
I'm Olivier Bramon, an ex-military radio operator who is waiting fot his  
F8xxx callsign.
After I entered the callsign in CQ mode, the Exchange box is highlighted  but 
is empty. A simple "enter" doesn't work to enter the QSL in log, I have  to 
write 599 then press Enter.
Is my TR-Log miss-configured ?
For the moment, I make my tests with the free  version. 
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