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Re: Re : Re: [Trlog] Exchange default value ?

Subject: Re: Re : Re: [Trlog] Exchange default value ?
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 05:49:48 EST
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Dans un e-mail daté du 08/02/2005 09:57:01 Paris, Madrid, a écrit :

qskguy> There is no GENERAL QSO mode in the free version.  :)

a) try KIDS DAY (should be in TRfree)
No. :(

b) try  QSL MODE = QSL AND LOG (not sure about the syntax here)
It seems to be the best solution for my problem. When this variable is  set, 
TRLOG doesn't check the content of the Exchange field. So I can put only  one 
character instead of the regular 599.
Danke schön Udo
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