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[Trlog] UBA Contest

Subject: [Trlog] UBA Contest
From: Juhan Põldvere <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 19:07:51 +0200
List-post: <>
Hi all,

A note for those who want to use TRlog in UBA Contest:

In the context of UBA Contest EU means European Union and NOT Europe.
TRlog supports UBA Contest since version 6.57.
TRlog assigns 3 points for QSOs with ALL European stations, which is
not right (yet).

I tricked TRlog to work in UBA when time was 6.56. Those files were
kindly made available to everybody by I2WIJ and DL2ZAV, but are now
out of date in that they don't recognize "new" European Union member
states (10 joined in 2004).

I have updated the files and can mail them if needed.
Should work with TRlog at least as old as 6.56 up to 6.79.
Included in the package is a new INITIAL.EX file which tries to guess
the province of some 250 Belgian stations. Mind that it can guess wrong!
When e-mailing to me put "UBA Contest"  in the Subject: line  so your
mail won't get washed down the bit stream with spam.

If you like to run on your own - put a copy of CTY.DAT in the UBA directory
(aka folder in Windows) and change the continent to something else for
all European countries that are not E.Union members. (I can mail this too).

Oh, and they seem to require ADIF. Maybe OK1RR's TRADIF can solve this.

Juhan ES5QX

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