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[Trlog] customised files - was: Re: RUDX Contest Bug?

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Subject: [Trlog] customised files - was: Re: RUDX Contest Bug?
From: "Rolf T Salme" <>
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Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 09:37:45 +0100
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I guess you hit the nail there and summed up this 
and similar discussions very well, when you said,
>>The rules are what everyone should go by, not the
>>behavior of any particular software.
Eternal truth, I say.

The Vlad&Wlad couple may of course be puzzling
to some, but as you mention it, I am sure you know 
that Vlad I is the name transcribed into the Latin 
alphabet, whereas Wlad II is Russian and Russian 
Morse at that.

One of the Regions which appears in the multiplier
list is "Voronezhskaya obl.". Let´s all sing and be 
happy that the rules AND TR-Log seem to agree that 
a simple "VR" over the waves will suffice instead of 
the full Russian CW version, "Woronevskaä oblastx"! 
(I do hope that that last character in the first word 
appears correctly on your screens; it´s .-.- in CW)

73 & cu in next RDXC,

* My typos & mispellings are intentional copyright traps *
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