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Re: [ct-user] TO1T == Guadeloupe, FG

Subject: Re: [ct-user] TO1T == Guadeloupe, FG
From: Alan Zack <>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 16:17:38 -0800
List-post: <>
CT is more user friendly than that.  When CT tells you a call is not 
recognized you can update the CTY file without having to open the file 
and edit it.  On the line where you enter a stations call just type in 
the update.  In the case of TO1T you just type in TO1T=FG and it will 
recognize it from then on.

N7MAL wrote:

> In your defense Jim at some point in time a user needs to help him/herself. 
> As soon as I entered TO1T, and the problem showed up, I fixed it myself. It 
> is not difficult to open the country file with notepad and then edit the 
> necessary line. It is really computer 101.
> You do a yeoman's job maintaining these files and we all appreciate it but 
> these minor updates could/should be made at the user level.
> Best 73
> MAL              N7MAL
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>   Subject: [ct-user] TO1T == Guadeloupe, FG
>   TO1T in CQ WPX SSB (and after) is Guadeloupe, FG.  QSL via F6HMQ.  They have
>   used other TO#T calls from Guadeloupe in the past.  I hate finding about 
> these
>   calls after the fact!  :-)
>   This will not affect your Cabrillo scoring, only the reported score on your
>   Cabrillo log which is ignored once the log is scored by the official 
> computer.
>   I'll add it to the country file next time, whenever that is.
>   73 - Jim AD1C
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