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[Trlog] WPX CW 2005

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Subject: [Trlog] WPX CW 2005
From: "Rolf T Salme" <>
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Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 15:47:27 +0200
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I am afraid I have to disagree. Of course it pays to 
chase prefixes even in the WPX. 

I would also welcome the feature that Bob is
looking for.


----- Ursprungligt meddelande ----- 
Från: John Unger 
Till: Robert Tellefsen ; TR Log Reflector 
Skickat: den 16 maj 2005 15:15
Ämne: Re: [Trlog] WPX CW 2005

Hi Bob -

I think you'll find that "hunting" for new mults is a losing strategy in 
this contest. There are just to many permutations and combinations of 
prefixes and mults. I imagine that the top operators just work 'em as they 
find 'em and don't worry about mults, only Q's.

As an aside, I also question the real desirability of using a "rare" prefix 
just for this contest. I recall that W4AN had one of the top scores a few 
years ago using that callsign. Of course, having Bill operating made a big 
difference, too!

Good Luck es 73 - John, W4AU

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