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Subject: Re: [Trlog] WPX CW 2005
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Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 15:12:04 -0700
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Hi Mark
Guess I'll weigh in on this as I think I've figured out how I'm going
to do this.  Using Super Check Partial, all I have to do is type in the
I'll get a list of all calls in the TRMASTER with that prefix, and if I've
already worked one, it will be highlighted in red as a dupe.
>From all the comments I've stirred up, it seems the conventional wisdom will
be to work everything in sight while keeping an ear open for unusual
Doesn't seem to be recommended to spend time specifically hunting for new
prefix mults though.
I really appreciate all the comments that have been offered.
Hope to see you all in the contest.
73, Bob N6WG

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> I am afraid I have to disagree. Of course it pays to
> chase prefixes even in the WPX.

Chasing multipliers in the WPX has *some* value, just not as much
as in other contests where there are fewer multipliers.  In the
days before computer logging, people just got on in the WPX and
worked a lot of people and counted the mults later.  Because
multipliers are so plentiful in the WPX you don't have the
pileups in WPX that you have in other contests, at least not on
US/VE stations, so it's not like it's hard to work a station you
can hear (unless you're QRP with a poor antenna).

Bob asked to see a real-time list of what prefixes he had worked
to see if the station he was contemplating working next was
already on the list or not.  An easier way to accomplish this in
TRlog (my opinion) is to type in the call and tell the computer
to check to see if it's a new one or not (I think the command is
"hit the spacebar").  This technique probably takes less time and
is more accurate, especially when a "list of multipliers worked"
gets too big to look through easily.  You can even configure
TRlog to send your call when you hit the spacebar if he's a new
one (er, I think).

Mark, N5OT

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