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Re: [Trlog] What's upcoming in TRlog

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Subject: Re: [Trlog] What's upcoming in TRlog
From: "Igor Sokolov" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 01:03:03 +0600
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Hi Tree and All...
If you refer to Dmitry ru4wli (I might be wrong with prefix). I have seen
Dima just few hours ago. He has been participating in the annual Ural
Contest Group field competition (which is similar to WRTC in some ways). The
software is not ready yet. At least he is not using it himself so far. I had
some alpha version from him that does send CW and does several other basic
things but it is far from being usable yet. As always spare time is an issue
and currently Dmitry is much busier then he thought he would be. So do not
count for proper release in the near future. Anyway he is working on it and
that keeps us all hopeful that he will manage to produce something usable
earlier then Tree will retire and resume with his wonderful software
In the mean time I keep installing Win98 into every new computer to maintain
compatibility with TRlog.

73, Igor UA9CDC

> On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 08:38:24PM -0700, wrote:
> > Anything brewing with making TRlog into a windows compatible program?
> Hmm - not sure how to exactly answer this.  The easy answer is "no".
> However, there are various people whom over the years have come out of
> the woodwork and offered to do something for windows.  I share some source
> code with them and then after a few months, I never hear anything more
> about it.
> Recently, some Russian hams contacted me - and while I have yet to see
> any output from them yet, I was recently asked what we should call the
> program - the suggestion being TR4W.  This seemed to be an interesting
> question that indicates that perhaps something is nearing completion.
> Maybe if they are monitoring the reflector, they can update the status
> of their effort.
> > Don, W6OA/7
> > Winlock, WA
> So - are you locked into using a windows program?  (sorry - couldn't
> resist).
> Tree
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