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Re: [Trlog] Help with DX Doubler

Subject: Re: [Trlog] Help with DX Doubler
From: Scott Neader KA9FOX <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 15:26:38 -0600
List-post: <>
Thanks Mark!!!  I edited my .CFG to say:


And that was it !!!!!!!!!!!

Hope to see you all tonight!  I'll be operating as K9RAT.

- Scott

At 03:08 PM 2/10/2007, you wrote:
>Hi Scott:
>You want LPT1 for Radio 2 as well.
>There is also a RELAY CONTROL PORT setting that
>has to be set to "1" to activate the pin that
>swaps radios.
>Mark, KD4D
>Scott Neader KA9FOX wrote:
>>OK, I know... last minute here... but I'm going to try SO2R in CW 
>>Sprint with my DX Doubler.
>>In the initial setup of TR Log, it asks what port I want to use for 
>>CW Keying for Radio 1 and Radio 2.  I answered LPT1 for Radio 1, 
>>and that works fine.  But what is the answer for Radio 2?
>>The DX Doubler manual says that in Auto mode,  Radio 2 audio will 
>>appear when Radio 1 is xmitting, but that isn't occurring either.
>>In Manual mode, everything is working.  So, worst case, I can 
>>manually flip the DX Doubler switches... but there has to be a better way. :-)
>>P.S. I am using version 6.53 -- maybe there is a better version to 
>>do what I need to do?
>>- Scott KA9FOX
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