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Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 04:56:51 -0000
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I've had my 2 serial, 1 parallel port for probably about 8 years now and it 
has always worked fine in Dos. but the program and the steps you take I 
could see might  and now that I'm using XP and WriteLog most of the time 
now, if I format the drive or put it on another pc running XP, I just go to 
the site and download the file for XP, which is an .exe and it does more of 
the work. The Dos version is a bit of a challenge, and I can imagine 
difficult for those who have never used Dos. I have yet to try the PCI board 
that gives you 4 serial ports from another company. I really didn't need it, 
but at such a great price, I thought it would be nice to have in case I ever 
needed it.

Glad to hear Dan helped you get it going. I just hope we don't run into 
problems with them not putting empty pci slots in. I guess then we move to 
USB and Bluetooth and hope for the best.

73, Mike K9MI

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> writes:
> Mike,
> See no one responded via the reflector. Did you get the  help you need or 
> do
> you still need some help.
> If you have the  commands all figured out how to start up the program from
> the command  prompt, then adding it to the autoexec file is  easy.
> Bill
> AC0W
> Bill:
> Got it working, finally thanks to Dan, KD4D.  He spent the  weekend 
> working
> with me until we had success.  He suggested I  summarize and publish what 
> I had
> to do so others can benefit.   I  shall.
> History:
> My system is W98SE
> I am doing SO2R and decided to run RTTY using MMTTY.  However, I  needed 
> two
> more Com ports.  To solve this issue, I purchased  aByterunner 410 H 4
> serial/1lpt card.
> Problem: In DOS and running TR,  I could not establish rig 2  /computer 
> com
> munication like I had with the card I removed.  So, I asked  for help.
> Dan came to my rescue and spent the better part of this weekend helping 
> me.
> The below instructions are for the Byterunner 410 H 4 serial/1lpt  card. 
> The
> card comes with a disc that contains drivers (including DOS),  VSEMUIO 
> setup
> instructions and VSSHOW program that will display port  addressing.
> The first step is to create a file named VSEMUIO and saved it on the C 
> drive:
> I saved the VESMUIO.EXE (from the supplied cd and VSEMUIO.CFG  file (see
> below)
> The second step is to set up a cfg file using Notepad.  Here is  mine:
> S,A800,02E0,14,8,5
> Save it as VSEMUIO.cfg  in the VSEMUIO folder described above.   The 
> string
> instructions are detailed in the VSEMUIO Readme file.
> The below instructions are what I did to configure COMM 5 to work in DOS
> Third, in TR Two radio config file (some may call it logcfg.dat),  I 
> changed
> my rig 2 config line to read
> Reboot into DOS.  I hit the F8 key on boot to get me to  the command 
> prompt.
> During the boot, you should see the string
> This means the VSEMUIO program is running.  At the C prompt start TR  the 
> way
> you normally do and enjoy.
> I am back to SO2R
> So why did I do this?  RTTY.........first card only gave me a total of  6 
> com
> ports.
> Com 1  Packet
> Com 2 Rig 1
> Com 3 Keyboad
> Com 4 mouse
> Com 5 Rig 2
> Com 6 Rotor
> Com 7 Rtty rig 1
> Com 8 Rtty rig 2
> Dan gave me permission to publish his email address; _kd4d@comcast.net_
> (
> I am  truly grateful for all the help Dan provided
> Michael  WG0M
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