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Re: [Trlog] Sprint CQ using f7/f8

To: K4RO Kirk Pickering <>
Subject: Re: [Trlog] Sprint CQ using f7/f8
From: Steve London <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 10:14:46 -0500
List-post: <>

Your understanding is 100% correct. Start practicing with the visible dupesheet 
in other contests. I admit, when the "6's" column of the visible dupesheet is 
full, and overflowing to the next column, it's hard to engage the brain and 
quickly enough.

Steve, N2IC

K4RO Kirk Pickering wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 08:26:31AM -0800, Tree wrote:
>>The program is used in a totally different way in the sprint -
>>almost upside down and backwards from how it gets used in the SS.
> This has puzzled me for years, and I think I now understand 
> why I haven't been able to use Tree's SO2R Sprint method.  
> If I understand this correctly, it requires using a visible 
> dupe sheet. I am so used to the computer telling me whether 
> a call is a dupe, that I never developed dupe sheet reading 
> skills. (See KR2Q's recent post on skills of yesterday.)
> Also, if I understand this method correctly, it requires that 
> you call a station that you just found via S&P by pressing the 
> space bar, WITHOUT first typing their call sign. If you do type 
> their call first, that call is interpreted as an answer to your 
> other radio's CQ.  Do I have this right? In other words, when in 
> S&P mode, you have to find a station CQing, determine his call, 
> read the dupe sheet, then hit the space bar, correct? I can't 
> seem to do that before someone else pounces first.
> After a hundreds of thousands of contest QSOs, I seem to be mentally 
> programmed to type a call sign the very second that I hear it, and 
> that won't work with this method of operating. I don't know if I can 
> switch things around, but I'd like to know if my understanding is
> correct or not. I spent the first hour of the Sprint figuring out 
> that I could not figure it out, but now I think I see why. Maybe?
> 73
> -Kirk  K4RO
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